A Global Expansion of the
Maharishi Jyotish Program

We are pleased to offer a new channel for Maharishi Jyotish services throughout the world. Now, individuals, families and nations can even more easily prevent problems and enjoy greater success and good fortune in all areas of life.

Maharishi Jyotish is Vedic Astrology restored in its purity and effectiveness by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as part of his complete Vedic Science of Consciousness.

Maharishi Jyotish consultations predict trends in life based on the time and location of birth. This practical program provides essential knowledge for proper planning, success, and security for health, wealth, family, career and spiritual development.

The Science of Prediction
and Transformation

Modern science recognizes that Natural Law, which gives rise to all creation, is unified at its basis and holistic, orderly and sequential in its expression. The same Laws of Nature that govern the universe also govern the transformations of life of the individual.

The science of Jyotish explains that planets and stars play an important role in the administration of Natural Law—determining how and when positive or negative influences come back to us as the fruit of past actions.

On this basis, Maharishi Jyotish experts can precisely calculate the progression of events that will come in the future by just knowing one point in the sequence of time.

Maharishi Jyotish:
The Individual is Cosmic

As is the universe,
so is the individual

Modern Science and Vedic Science

Modern science has also shown the intimate relationship between cosmic and human life described in the Vedic discipline of Jyotish.

Professor Tony Nader, MD PhD

Tony Nader,

Professor Tony Nader, MD, PhD, a brilliant scientist of our age, has discovered that the human physiology is a perfect expression of Veda and Vedic Literature. His research shows the one-to-one correlation between the cosmic bodies—sun, moon, planets, and stars—and key components of our brain, cells, and even DNA which structure our experience throughout the course of our life.

In appreciation for his achievements Dr. Nader was honored by Maharishi with the title ‘Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam’ and given responsibility for guiding the Global Country of World Peace, the umbrella organization for Maharishi’s worldwide legacy.

The following Maharishi Yagya performances may be sponsored:

Graha Shanti
for specific planetary influences

Required: Maharishi Jyotish Consultation

Specific Purpose

Required: Maharishi Jyotish Consultation

Special Occasion

Birthday | Wedding | Anniversary |
Newborn Child

Sponsor a Yagya

Prevent problems and improve the
fortune of an entire nation

National Yagyas Worldwide National Yagyas for USA

Maharishi Yagya: Prevent Problems and Enhance Good Fortune

Once a Maharishi Jyotish consultation has identified any upcoming periods of concern, Maharishi Yagya performances can be recommended to support good fortune or neutralize problems or obstacles.

Maharishi Yagya performances help support the global peace-creating coherence effect of the Maharishi Vedic Pandit program and also help in the training of Vedic Pandits, fulfilling Maharishi’s great legacy of reviving and perpetuating the precious Vedic heritage so that everyone throughout the world may enjoy Raam RajSM Jyotish and Yagya for Heaven on Earth generation after generation.