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Enjoy the Benefits of Maharishi Vedic Astrology

“Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) is a precious discipline of my Vedic Science and technology of consciousness, and commands authority over the whole range of the ever-expanding universe. Its contribution is enlightenment, self-sufficiency, invincibility and all possibilities in the life of any individual and any nation.” —Maharishi

Through the practical knowledge of Maharishi Jyotish, you can discover and live your full potential, predict coming trends and events, prevent future problems and obstacles, and achieve greater success and happiness. Learn more

The Science of Prediction and Transformation

Maharishi Jyotish is Vedic Astrology restored in its purity and effectiveness by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as part of his complete Vedic Science of Consciousness

A unique feature of the Maharishi Jyotish program is that it verifies the intimate relationship between cosmic and human life which is described in the Vedic discipline of Jyotish from the perspective of modern science.

Professor Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR

Professor Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR

Professor Tony Nader, MD, PhD, a brilliant scientist of our age, has discovered that the human physiology is a perfect expression of Veda and Vedic Literature. His research shows the one-to-one correlation between the cosmic constituents of Jyotish—sun, moon, planets, and stars—and key components of our brain, cells, and even DNA which structure our experience throughout the course of our life. In recognition for his achievements in showing that every individual is the embodiment of Total Natural Law, Dr. Nader was honored by Maharishi with the title ‘Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam’ and given responsibility for guiding the Global Country of World Peace, the umbrella organization for Maharishi’s worldwide legacy.

Maharishi Jyotish: The Individual is Cosmic

The Individual is Cosmic

As is the universe, so is the individual


Apply for Maharishi Jyotish Services


1. Comprehensive Birth Chart

Get started by registering your Comprehensive Birth Chart Portfolio, which is the foundation for other Maharishi Jyotish services. Learn more


2. Maharishi Jyotish Consultation

Identifies trends and tendencies in all important areas of life, including health, wealth, profession, marriage, family, and spiritual progress. Learn more


3. Maharishi Yagya Recommendation

Suggests specific Vedic performances to help improve your destiny and fulfill your desires, and is included as part of the Maharishi Jyotish Consultation. Learn more


4. Auspicious Starting Time: Muhurta

Identifies the most favorable moment to begin a new activity, such as a marriage, journey, business venture, buying a home, or starting a new job. Learn more


5. Compatibility Analysis

Determines areas of harmony or disharmony between two individuals considering marriage, a business partnership, or any other relationship. Learn more


6. Selection of an Auspicious Name (Nam-Karan)

Provides the most supportive first syllable for the name of a newborn child or for a new business, in order to promote maximum success in life. Learn more

Maharishi Jyotish services are offered by the Brahmananda Saraswati Jyotish Foundation.

Sponsor Maharishi Yagya Performances


1. Planetary or Graha Shanti Yagyas

Planetary Yagyas promote good fortune in your life, and help to neutralize any negative influences before they can arise. Learn more


2. Specific Purpose Yagyas

Specific Purpose Yagyas nourish key areas of life, and provide greater support for the fulfillment of your desires. Learn more

Maharishi Yagya performances are offered by the Brahmananda Saraswati Yagya Foundation.

Calendar of Auspicious Days 2019

According to the Maharishi Jyotish program, these are some of the most auspicious days to sponsor a Maharishi Yagya performance and enliven specific positive qualities.

21 February

Mahashivaratri Day of Lord Shiva

Enlivens peace progress, prosperity

APPLY BY 30 January

10 March

Holi Day of Unity in Diversity

Enlivens harmony in life

APPLY BY 17 February

20 March

Chaitra Navaratri Nine Days of Mother Divine

Enlivens knowledge, organizing power, affluence

APPLY BY 5 February

A Maharishi Jyotish Consultation can determine which Maharishi Yagya performances on these days will bring the greatest support for specific goals. Please apply for your consultation by the dates listed above.

The above dates are based on the time zone of India, and dates for global celebrations and Muhurtas may be different in other parts of the world.

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Avert the Danger Before It Arises

July 04, 2019

Maharishi gives an analogy about an arrow that has been shot from a bow. Once it’s been released from the bow and is on its way to hit the target, what can be done about it? Well, if some wind could come up and blow the arrow off target, it would miss its mark.

Interview with Norin and Thyra Isquith, Maharishi Jyotish Administrators for the Eastern United States.

“It is wise to enhance any positive influence and amend any negative influence through Yagyas. This was the reason for the tradition in olden days, that for the new year the Jyotish Pandits will read the birth chart, predict the cosmic influence on the individual, and then recommend appropriate Yagyas to bring maximum support of Nature.”  —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I’ve heard that the Maharishi Jyotish program predicts future trends in our life, and the Maharishi Yagya program helps us make the most of them.

As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

June 02, 2019

There is a Vedic expression: Heyam duhkham anagatam, which is translated as “Avert the danger that has not yet come.” The word “danger” refers to the inevitable consequences of our own past actions. Through the Maharishi Yagya program we can take responsibility for our past actions and neutralize their effect.

Maharishi often spoke about how we cannot escape the consequences of our past actions. He used an ancient proverb to explain how the law of action and reaction works: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Yet Maharishi also said that through the Maharishi Yagya program, we can be saved from the influence of our past actions.…

Creating Peace—for Ourselves, Our Family, Nation and World

April 30, 2019

Maharishi revived and restored a Vedic technology for peace—available for the first time in thousands of years—the Maharishi Yagya program. We can take advantage of Maharishi Yagya performances to improve our own destiny, and help create a world of harmony and peace.

Interview with Leslie Frieder, Maharishi Jyotish Services Administrator for the USA Western Region.

People everywhere often wish that there was something they could do to reduce fear and hostility in the world. Maharishi emphasized that to remove darkness we must first bring in the light.

Maharishi revived and restored a Vedic technology for peace—available for the first time in thousands of years—the Maharishi Yagya program.…

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