Maharishi Jyotish Program

Avert the Danger Before It Arises

04 July 2019

Maharishi gives an analogy about an arrow that has been shot from a bow. Once it’s been released from the bow and is on its way to hit the target, what can be done about it? Well, if some wind could come up and blow the arrow off target, it would miss its mark.

Interview with Norin and Thyra Isquith, Maharishi Jyotish Administrators for the Eastern United States.

“It is wise to enhance any positive influence and amend any negative influence through Yagyas. This was the reason for the tradition in olden days, that for the new year the Jyotish Pandits will read the birth chart, predict the cosmic influence on the individual, and then recommend appropriate Yagyas to bring maximum support of Nature.”  —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I’ve heard that the Maharishi Jyotish program predicts future trends in our life, and the Maharishi Yagya program helps us make the most of them. What does that mean?

The idea is that the Maharishi Jyotish Pandit looks at the birth chart and can see what’s good, what’s bad, and what to do about it. Seeing “what’s good” and “what’s bad” is the function of the Maharishi Jyotish program. The “what to do about it” is role of the Maharishi Yagya program, to help us take full advantage of the good influences that are coming, and address the negative influences to help avert them.

So, Maharishi Yagya performances can actually change your destiny?

Yes. Maharishi gives an analogy about an arrow that has been shot from a bow. Once it’s been released from the bow and is on its way to hit the target, what can be done about it? Well, if some wind could come up and blow the arrow off target, it would miss its mark.

In the same way, if the Maharishi Jyotish Pandit has seen something in the birth chart, then it’s destined for the person. But some other influence could be created to change that destiny—and that is the Maharishi Yagya program.

What exactly is a Maharishi Yagya performance?

A Maharishi Yagya performance is a special Vedic ceremony which is done in India by groups of highly trained Yagya Pandits. These are not young students, but rather adults whose life work is to do the Yagya performances, and who have been carefully trained under Maharishi’s guidance.

These Pandits are also practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, and are deeply grounded in the Vedic tradition in its full purity. In this way Maharishi re-enlivened the element of transcendence or pure consciousness to Yagyas, and thus restored their effectiveness. When pure consciousness is absent, it leaves the Yagya ineffective. Whenever Maharishi gave his name to any field of Vedic knowledge, it meant that he had restored it to its completeness.

How does a Maharishi Yagya performance work?

At the beginning of the performance, the Yagya Pandits identify the recipient of the Yagya by saying the person’s name for whom the Yagya is being performed. They also state certain information about the recipient, such as the date and place of their birth, along with other information from their birth chart. They also speak out the Sankalpa or intention of the Yagya. This makes it clear to the Laws of Nature for whom the Yagya is being done and for what purpose.

Is there one large Yagya performance for all the people who request one that day?

Not at all. Each Maharishi Yagya performance is done for the individual who requests it. The influence finds the person wherever he or she may be in the world. This happens on the level of the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. It’s a field of infinite correlation, so no time is lost.

In fact, many people say that even from the time of requesting a Maharishi Yagya performance some change in their destiny starts to come, since at that time the Sankalpa or purpose is set and the Laws of Nature start to rally to bring benefit to the person.

Everyone makes a contribution to support their Maharishi Yagya performance. Is this program something only for wealthy people?

Maharishi has not provided this program as a luxury. It is to safeguard our progress in life on the path to enlightenment. Yagyas are for everyone, to protect their health, relationships and finances, and to promote their personal evolution.

Even if you’re not able to sponsor a large Yagya or lots of Yagyas, do whatever your financial capacity allows. Actually, sponsoring a Yagya could save you a lot of money if it helps prevent some big problem or loss. Many people have told us they consider it a wise investment for the welfare of their health, home, family or business.

The benefits of the Maharishi Yagya program are greatest when Yagyas are performed regularly. Even small Yagyas done regularly can help nip in the bud any negativity that could otherwise grow in the direction of some ill health, accident, or other problem in life.

When is the best time to sponsor a Yagya?

The best time is now! We often get phone calls from people after a crisis has already begun, after the arrow has already hit its target. Yagyas can still help them by organizing Nature’s support in the midst of a bad situation. But the real purpose of Yagyas is for prevention.

When Maharishi spoke of the Maharishi Yagya program, he used the Sanskrit phrase: Heyam duhkham anagatam. This means: “Avert the danger before it arises.” Or as they say: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

We can know the future that is coming to us through the Maharishi Jyotish program. Each one of us should know our destiny, and then be able to address it through the Maharishi Yagya program.