Frequently asked questions

I have requested a Maharishi Jyotish consultation—what happens next?

The Maharishi Jyotish Office will send your information to the Maharishi Jyotish Pandits in India so they may prepare for your consultation—paying careful attention to any questions you have submitted.

The office will also confirm with you the details of your consultation appointment and how to connect by phone.

At the time of the consultation, you will be connected to the Maharishi Jyotish Pandits and their translator will confirm you can hear and understand everything that is being said.

Do I need to know much about Maharishi Vedic Astrology to understand the consultation?

No, it is not necessary to have much knowledge of the discipline of Jyotish (Vedic astrology.)

During a consultation, the Maharishi Vedic Pandits describe in everyday language different aspects of one’s life: health, wealth, family, profession, etc. and the timing of different influences both positive and negative that may affect these areas.

And, they will check to see if you clearly understand what is being said and that you are satisfied with the consultation.

If you would like to know more about the science of Maharishi Vedic Astrology you can find it described in the Principles section

Some terms used in Maharishi Vedic Astrology are also defined here

What is the difference between a standard reading of a birth chart
and a one-year (or longer) prediction?

The standard general reading of the birth chart analyzes the essential areas of one’s life that are displayed in the horoscope. These can be thought of as one’s nature that continues through life.

The birth chart will show for example if one might have talent as an artist or writer, if one has a tendency for health problems (and what area), if one is likely to succeed in a particular profession, if wealth is indicated and where it might come from, etc.

A one, two, or three-year reading of the birth chart looks at how these aspects of life are impacted by the cycles of time— days, months and years—that are associated with the movement of the planets and predicts upcoming trends and events.

What areas of life does the Maharishi Jyotish Consultation include?

Any area of life can be explored through the horoscope. The basic Maharishi Jyotish consultation provide insights into key areas of life such as health, wealth, family and home, relationships, profession, income, loss and gain, education, etc.

Can I ask personal questions of the Maharishi Jyotish Pandits?

When you apply for the consultation you may include questions for the Maharishi Jyotish Pandits to answer based on your horoscope. It is important that they have these in advance so they may carefully consider all aspects of your birth chart to give a complete answer.

The number of questions is determined by how long a consultation you are requesting—see Maharishi Jyotish Services

Can you suggest what kinds of questions could be asked? What if I think of follow-up questions after my consultation—can I ask more questions?

Yes, of course! The Maharishi Jyotish Pandits are very happy to answer all your questions in any level of detail. Because of the timing of appointments, however, it is likely that you will need to submit your questions and schedule another consultation.

What is the policy on the privacy of my personal information?

Everything regarding the Maharishi Jyotish and Maharishi Yagya programs is kept strictly private including all personal information you provide, all details of your consultation and any services that you may request.

I am not sure I totally believe in or understand astrology—will the consultation work for me?

The science of Maharishi Jyotish prediction is not based on any belief. The proper analysis of the birth chart is based on the ancient understanding of Natural Law and the insight into nature’s cosmic administration. But, just like any technology—such as switching on the light—one does not need to understand the principles of electricity to gain the benefits.

Just as the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, the value of a Maharishi Jyotish consultation will be in the accuracy and usefulness of the information you gain from the consultation.

For which area can the Maharishi Jyotish Pandits give predictions?

By analyzing the relationship of the constituents of Vedic Astrology the Maharishi Jyotish Pandits can provide detailed insights into all areas of life: health, wealth, relationships, profession, etc. and predict future trends and events and when they will occur.

How is the timing of events determined? For example, can the Maharishi Jyotish Pandit
tell when an accident will happen?

There are several methods that the expert in Maharishi Jyotish Vedic Science uses to identify the timing of events. One method is the Dasha System mentioned above. This system gives an insight into the various influences that we are exposed to at different times in our life.

There are times when we are experiencing favorable influences with rapid progress and success. There are times of obstacles, hindrances and disease. Another method to foresee the quality of time is based on the constant movement of the Grahas.

This is called Gochara or transit of the planet. The Grahas create specific influences from different positions in the sky. Some positions promote progress and others create problems.

Regarding the possibility or predicting accidents—the answer is yes, it is possible. An unfavorable period can be foreseen, along with its effects on our life.

If the Maharishi Jyotish Pandits expert can predict the future is everything pre-destined?

Everyone has the experience of determining for oneself what one wants to do. This is our free will to exercise as we like.

But we often find that we are compelled by circumstances in a particular direction. These circumstances are the result of our previous actions that are now influencing our present life.

The Maharishi Jyotish program can calculate influences coming from past actions that are now returning to us. It can predict what these influences will be and the time of their return.

It’s our common experience that knowledge of upcoming events allows us to prevent problems before they arise—If we know it is going to rain, then we can take our umbrella as we go outside. It may not stop the rain but allows us to keep dry.

What more can I do to ensure success in overcoming any obstacles?

We can certainly use our good judgment to deal with whatever challenge may be seen. And if some trend is indicated, then we are not surprised when it arises.

For instance, if the Maharishi Jyotish Pandits see a period in which we may fall ill, then we can take extra precautions to stay rested, have a check-up, etc. during this time.

However, balance, creativity and intelligence in both mind and body are supported by the level of our consciousness. Being regular in our practice of Transcendental Meditation program and its advanced techniques including Yogic Flying is very important to allow us to deal most effectively with whatever comes our way in life.

In addition, Maharishi has brought out another very powerful Vedic technology to eliminate the influence of past actions at their very basis—the Maharishi Yagya program.

How can Maharishi Yagyas performances change the trends of time?

Maharishi Yagya performances introduce new life-supportive influences to counteract the impact of potential negative consequences of past actions before they fully develop and interfere with progress and happiness in our life.

Through Maharishi Jyotish predictions, the timing and quality of upcoming trends is determined. But some influence could change that destiny—this is Maharishi Yagya, the technology of transformation.

Maharishi gave an analogy to understand what happens. An arrow shot from a bow is on its way to hit the target. What can be done? If some wind could come and blow the arrow off its path, then the arrow would miss its mark.

We could say that Maharishi Jyotish consultations describes the trends and prescribe the remedial action to counteract the influences of past mistakes.

Maharishi Yagya performances correct these trends and protects us from their unfavourable effects by averting the danger before it arises.

How does a Maharishi Yagya performance work?

Maharishi Yagyas performances are technologies of consciousness which can create an influence from the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law—that field of infinite correlation of Nature’s creativity and intelligence at the basis of all time and space—which gives rise to and administers all manifest creation.

The Unified Field is that field where the Vedic technologies of consciousness operate, including the Maharishi Yagya program. It is the most powerful level of Natural Law—ten million, million, million times more powerful than the nuclear level—and it is a field of peace and unity.

Maharishi Yagyas performances are conducted in India by Maharishi Vedic Pandits who have years of special training in this Vedic technology and in Maharishi’s programs to develop consciousness so that the Yagya will be most effective.

At the beginning of the Maharishi Yagya performance, the Vedic Pandits state the person’s name for whom the Yagya is being performed as well as certain information such as date of birth and some details of the birth chart which identify the recipient.

Also at the beginning, the intention (Sankalpa) of the Yagya is stated. This makes it clear to the Laws of Nature for whom the Yagya is being performed and for what purpose.

What kinds of Maharishi Yagya performances are available?

There are four basic categories of Maharishi Yagya performances:

  1. Graha Shanti Yagyas are based on our horoscope to create favorable influences from the planets for greater progress in life
  2. Specific Purpose Yagyas promote good fortune in a particular area of one’s choice
  3. Special Occasion Yagyas bring support of Nature on the occasion of one’s birthday, marriage, anniversary, or birth of a child
  4. National Yagyas bring support of Nature to the nation of our choice with the option to focus on any particular area of interest—economy, social harmony, etc.

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