Locating Birth Time Information

The exact birth time is vital for each person being included in your Comprehensive Birth Chart. If you cannot obtain this information from a birth certificate or by contacting your relative directly, the following points may be useful.

  1. Contact a relative who collects family data for genealogy, family documents, notes in family scriptures, baby books, etc.
  2. The hospital where the Applicant or a relative was born usually has the birth time in their Office of Medical Records. Be friendly and persistent. It may require special effort on their part to retrieve records from storage or a doctor’s files.
  3. The Office of Vital Statistics or the State Records Bureau often have birth records. They may be listed under the Department of Health and Human Services. Try both the state and county offices. At the city level, contact the town clerk. The county or city level may have quicker access and lower fees.
  4. www.vitalrec.com has information on how and where to locate records. It includes links for international records.
  5. www.vitalchek.com allows you to order copies of birth documents.
Tips for Requesting Birth Records
  1. Mention that the information is needed for research purposes only and that a legal document is not required, but the time of birth is necessary.
  2. Request the longer form, rather than a short version, as it is more likely to provide a birth time.
  3. It may be better not to say that it is needed for genealogy purposes, as this may delay your request.
  4. Sometimes only the Applicant or their relatives can access their own birth information, so you may need to ask for their help.
Maharishi Jyotish Service: Ascertaining Correct Birth Time

If you’re unable to confirm your birth time or a family member, you can take advantage of our Ascertaining Correct Birth Time service. Complete the “Ascertaining Correct Birth Time” application under the “Apply for Services” tab.

The panel of experts in the Maharishi Jyotish program can help determine the correct time of birth for an individual if you provide the date and place of their birth, along with at least ten dates of specific events in the their life.

If it is not possible to obtain dates of important events in order to determine the correct birth time of a relative, they should still be included in the Comprehensive Birth Chart. Submit the birth data that you have, and state the reason you were unable to obtain the required information.