Sample Consultation Questions

During each Maharishi Jyotish Consultation, there is the opportunity to ask questions about different areas of your life. In order to take maximum advantage of this part of the consultation, it is good to prepare simple and clear question in advance. The following list may help you formulate your questions:

Physical Health

  • When should I be particularly alert to any physical imbalance?
  • What kind of health issues may occur and when?
  • Is any kind of surgery required, or can it be avoided?
  • When is the safest time to schedule an operation if necessary?
  • How long will my health be at risk?
  • Is there any danger of accidents or injuries?
  • Any other question on physical health

Mental Health

  • When will I feel more confident and have less anxiety and worries?
  • Lately, I feel jealous of others. When will these feelings change?
  • I feel very forgetful—is there any problem with my memory?
  • Why do I feel a lack of creativity and focus at work?
  • Why do I get upset with others easily?
  • Why don’t I get more recognition and honor?
  • Any other question on mental health


  • Is married life suitable for me?
  • When will I find a suitable spouse?
  • What qualities in a spouse would be good for me?
  • Will communication with my spouse improve?
  • When is more understanding and patience needed in our marriage?
  • Will there be difficulties in our marriage?
  • Will my relationship with my spouse improve?

Family Life

  • Can we have another child?
  • When is the best time for us to have children?
  • How many children will we have?
  • Will I have a close relationship with my children?
  • Are there any concerns about my children or relatives?
  • Will our children make good progress in school?
  • How can we improve harmony in our family?
  • When will my relationship with relatives improve?
  • Is it likely we move our residence?
  • Is it likely we will live another country?
  • When will we get a better house?
  • When and where should we build a new house?
  • Any other question regarding family life


  • What field of study is most suitable for me?
  • What level of education should I pursue?
  • How will I perform on upcoming examinations?
  • Would it be good for me to study in a foreign country?
  • Can I pursue higher studies along with my job?
  • Which school is best for my child?
  • When will my relationships with classmates and teachers improve?
  • Should I return to university now or later?
  • Any other question regarding education

Profession and Business

  • What profession is most suitable for me?
  • Should I change professions now?
  • Will I continue to advance in my present job?
  • When will my relationship with my boss improve?
  • Will I lose my job?
  • I have been unemployed for some time. When will I find a new job?
  • Can I get a job with better pay?
  • Should I have my own business or is it better for me to work for someone else?
  • Should I start a business of my own or be in partnership with others?
  • Can I find investors for my business?
  • Are there any dangers or hindrances for the company, and if yes, when?
  • Will I be successful against competitors?
  • Any other question regarding profession or business


  • Is wealth a possibility?
  • What areas of investment can bring wealth?
  • What can I do to avoid losses?
  • Is there any danger of financial loss?
  • When should I sell my stock for maximum profit?
  • When should I sell my property for best results?
  • Is there any indication of receiving an inheritance?
  • Any other question on finances

Spiritual Life

  • When are the best periods for me to make spiritual progress?
  • Are there any obstacles to my spiritual development?
  • When will I gain more spiritual knowledge?
  • When would be the best time to enroll in courses for spiritual development?
  • Will I continue to enjoy progress in my personal evolution?
  • Any other question regarding spiritual life


  • When is the best time to take a trip?
  • Which countries are best for my travels?
  • Will I live abroad?
  • When will I get a new car?
  • What sports should I pursue?
  • Do I have any special musical or artistic talents I should develop?
  • Are there any hidden dangers I should avoid this season?
  • Any other question regarding other concerns