Principles of Maharishi Jyotish

Maharishi Jyotish Calculations

Modern science explains that the sequential and orderly intelligence of Natural Law promotes and governs the evolution of every level of creation—from the macrocosm of the universe to the microcosm of each individual.

Maharishi Jyotish simplifies the complex functioning of Natural Law and how it is expressed in the cycles of time by calculating the relationship of the sun, moon, planets and stars—our cosmic counterparts—at the time and place of our birth.

One could say that a horoscope or birth chart is like a snapshot of the universe at the moment we are born, showing all the Laws of Nature lively at that point, and which eventually give shape to our life.

Reading the Birth Chart

A birth chart displays how the nine Grahas (planets) moving at different speeds along their orbits in the heavens, interact with the twelve Rashis (signs of the zodiac) and 27 Nakshatras (lunar constellations).

The relationships between these basic constituents of Maharishi Jyotish that make up the horoscope give insight into all areas of individual and collective life.

The expert in Maharishi Jyotish can read the birth chart of an individual much like an engineer can read the blueprint of a building, calculating strengths and weaknesses and how and when they may be expressed in the progression of time.

By identifying the positions of these cosmic counterparts—sun, moon, planets and stars—manifested in our birth chart, the Maharishi Jyotish Pandit can predict the influence of Nature’s cosmic intelligence in our individual life at every point in time. Potential problems can be detected in advance allowing one to take action and avert danger before it arises.

The positions of the planets and stars—our cosmic counterparts—
manifest into the our birth chart. This provides a snapshot of the
Laws of Nature that influence our destiny from the moment of birth.
Analyzing the birth chart the Maharishi Jyotish expert can map
future trends and tendencies in life that will allow us
to maximize our good fortune.

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