Principles of Maharishi Jyotish

Prediction of Future Trends

Prediction of the future is possible simply because Nature is orderly and sequential in its expression. All modern sciences— physics, biology, chemistry, biology, astronomy— are all based on the observation of Nature and understanding of the principles or laws of its orderly functioning.

For instance, just by knowing a few variables it is possible to mathematically predict every point of the path of an object thrown into the air.

In turn the enormous range of technologies that support daily life have been developed by applying specific Laws of Nature, which are known to work in predictable ways.

Nature is Orderly, Intelligence, and Sequential

Like everything in the universe, our own human life is also governed by the intelligence of Nature. The knowledge of Maharishi Jyotish gives insight into how Natural Law progressively unfolds in the cycles of time.

Just knowing one point in the sequence of one’s life—the time and place of birth—a Maharishi Jyotish expert can calculate forwards and backwards in time to identify trends and tendencies in our health, finances, partnerships, education, career, and family relationships.

With mathematical precision, a Maharishi Jyotish consultation brings to light a complete profile of one’s future, including any specific periods that may need extra attention in order to ensure steady progress in accord with the evolutionary impulse of Natural Law.

nature’s orderliness

We see nature’s orderliness everywhere. The apple seed sprouts and grows to become an apple tree and only an apple tree, not an orange or mango tree. The intelligence within the seed contains all the specific information necessary to grow into the tree, to blossom and to bear fruit.

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