Principles of Maharishi Jyotish

Every Individual is Cosmic

Traditionally the discipline of Astrology has been associated with how the planets and stars influence a person’s life from the moment of birth.

Maharishi Vedic Science explains that this is because the planets and stars play an important role in the administration of Natural Law in the universe. These cosmic bodies, in effect, govern how and when positive or negative influences will manifest in our life—reflecting back to us the fruit of our past actions.

Living in the Flow of Nature’s Intelligence

It is our common experience that we do not live in isolation—we are always being influenced in different ways by our environment—both near and far. Diet, dress, habits of culture, and language all are the product of the climate and geography in that part of the world where we, or our ancestors, have lived.

On the most basic level of human existence, our very life depends on the sun rising in the east each day with its nourishing light, heat and energy. In addition, recent research has shown that cycles of the moon have a profound correlation to certain physiological rhythms and functions such as hormonal secretions, heart rate, brain waves and breathing patterns in the individual.

As is the Universe so Is the Individual

But modern science reveals an even more subtle and intimate connection between individual and cosmic life as seen in the recent finding that the planets, as well as major constellations, correspond to specific structures within the human brain, the cell and even the DNA itself.

In his historic discovery, neurophysiologist Professor Tony Nader, MD, PhD found that the human physiology is the exact embodiment of Total Natural Law—Veda—the blueprint of Nature’s creativity and intelligence, which governs the infinite diversity of the universe in perfect harmony.

In the field of Jyotish, Professor Nader found that the attributes of the planets and stars identified by Maharishi Jyotish and its description of their relationships in the cycles of time are mirrored precisely by the structure and functioning of the brain physiology, cells, and DNA which give rise to our experience of all areas of life.

On this basis, Maharishi commented that the planets and stars are Cosmic Counterparts of our own physiology and quoted the Vedic expression “As is the universe, so is the Individual”.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“In human physiology we see fully awake silence and fully awake dynamism expressed in the functioning of DNA. This wakefulness is that quality of intelligence in the DNA which knows its connectedness with everything in the universe, including how to behave with the sun, moon and stars and the changes of the seasons, etc.

“This is because the intelligence that sustains the physiology is in tune with the same intelligence, the same fundamental of Natural Law that conducts the infinite galaxies and the entire universe. Human physiology is constantly subject to cosmic influences. Every change in the ever-expanding universe influences the entire body.”—Maharishi

One-to-One Correlation of the Brain Physiology and the Planets

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